Your eyes are the most beautiful part of your face and help reflect your personality. It is always better to add extra beauty to your eyes to grab attention. An eye make up can completely change the way you look and enhance your eyes. A person needs a lot of knowledge and practice on eye make-up and tips to ready them.

Eye Nourishment TipsEdit

  • Use a cotton ball soaked with a tsp of onion juice and honey, and place it on your eyelids 2 to 3 times a day for 10 min.
  • Another technique with cotton balls, soak them in cold milk and placing them over your eyelids for 5 min. will help nourish your eyes.
  • Cucumber and potato slices over your eyelids also help to cool your eyes and removes dark circles.
  • Eat plenty of dark-colored fruits and vegetables.

Common Eye DefectsEdit

Eye makeup




Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)



Caution: If you have read these linked articles and suspect to have any of these complications, see your doctor immediately.