The eyebrow is invested with an emotional, expressive, and psychological significance that makes it one of the most prominent features of the face.The two most common methods of eyebrow maintenance ar
e waxing and tweezing. For women with naturally bushy or dark brows, waxing may be the best option. Tweezing is best when only a few stray hairs need to be removed.

Angular shapeEdit

The angular shape is appropriate for those with round face. You can enhance this shape with shading and contouring of the eye makeup for elegance.

Rounded shapeEdit

The rounded shape is suitable for women with large eyes or wide forehead. The rounded eyebrows can enhance the eyes. The eyebrow should follow the frontal bone and be shaped to a taper.

Arched shapeEdit

The arced shape is very flattering for most women. It gives width and expression to the eye. It opens the eyes and help balance a prominent nose or a large mouth.

Low arched shapeEdit

The low arched shape works well for those with small forehead by giving the illusion of more length.