Eyebrow LinerEdit


Eyebrow liner can be used to fill in brows when the one is loosing or doesn't have any, make them appear darker and thicker. It can help disguise and over-plucked eyebrows, tame and control unruly brows.

Choosing a Brow LinerEdit

When choosing a brow liner is to choose one that will compliment you individually. It is critical to choose one that will compliment and enhance your skin tone and your hair color. If you have very light hair and wish to make your eye brows look darker, then choose one that is one or two shades darker than your natural hair color. Any darker than that will look unnatural. If you are looking for a liner to fill in sparse brows, try to find one that matches your natural hair color as close as possible.


When applying brow liner it is critical that you apply the liner on your natural brow arch as much as possible. This will make the eyebrows look fuller and darker, but still allowing them to look natural. If you must apply brown liner outside of the natural brow arch, experiment what looks most natural before you go out or it could end up disastrous. Find techniques that suit you and your own natural makeup style.